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The “Queen of Ivory” arrested in Tanzania


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“The Queen of Ivory”, a Chinese national, arrested by a specialized Task Force in Tanzania. To date, she is the most important ivory trafficker ever arrested in the country.

Dar-es-Salaam, 8 October 2015 – A specialized wildlife trafficking unit under Tanzania’s National and Transnational Serious Crimes Investigation Unit (NTSCIU) arrested a number of high-level Chinese ivory traffickers led by a woman who is now thought to be the most notorious ivory trafficker brought to task so far in the war against elephant poaching. She is believed to be behind the trafficking of a huge quantity of ivory over the last several years.

The woman, now dubbed the “Queen of Ivory”, is a Chinese national named Yang Feng Lan, 66, and has been followed by the Task Force for over a year. She recently disappeared from Tanzania, moving to Uganda, but returned one week ago, when the Task Force swiftly moved and arrested her. After confessing to many of her crimes she has been taken to the high court of Dar es Salaam facing a maximum sentence of 20-30 years imprisonment.

Mrs. Yang Feng Lan is originally from Beijing and is a wealthy woman, owning several properties and many cars. Back in the ’70s, in China, she was the first to graduate in Swahili, the language spoken in Eastern Africa, and she was sent to Tanzania in 1975 as a translator for Tazara, when China started to help build the railway. According to the first information collected by the Task Force she has been trafficking ivory since at least 2006, working with the most high-ranking poachers in the country and in the region. She is connected to various companies abroad, all Chinese-owned, and circulates in the upper echelons of Chinese citizens living and working in Tanzania.

Mrs. Feng Lan (also spelled Fenglan) is the Vice President and Secretary-General of Tanzania China-Africa Business Council, and owns the biggest Chinese restaurant at Dar es Salaam station.

Tanzania has been the ground zero of elephant poaching in East Africa for the past several years, having lost 85,000 elephants between 2009 and 2014, according to a recent elephant census in the country. A slaughter of industrial proportion such as this cannot have happened without the involvement of high profile, corrupt individuals and government officials at the two ports of Dar-es-Salaam and Zanzibar, and elsewhere in civil society.

“It’s the news that we all have been waiting for, for years”, commented Mr. Andrea Crosta, co-founder of the Elephant Action League and WildLeaks. “Finally, a high profile Chinese trafficker is in jail. Hopefully she can lead us to other major traffickers and corrupt government officials. We must put an end to the time of the untouchables if we want to save the elephant”.

“Everyone she has been dealing with will now become a target for law enforcement,” concludes Crosta.

Picture: Mrs. Yang Feng Lan (Credit: Elephant Action League) IVORY_QUEEN1 resized

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    1. Mary Massey

      DEVIL INCARNANT!! I fear too that she will buy her way out as much of the system is very corrupt. I hope there are enough people who cannot be bought and I hope she will be the first of many who participate in this unbelievably barbaric activity who will be taken out. It would not break my heart if they impaled her with one of the tusks she has had ripped off these creatures. So sad that she has been able to live with herself without remorse.

      1. susan Cronin Parano

        Thank God this horrible horrible greedy woman was caught. Even if she does tell on others doing the same as her and gets her years cut she is a target for those outside so I would suggest to her it is better to fess up and tell and stay in jail . No matter where she is like mafia once caught you are dead already with the inside.Even if she does not talk she is dead already and she knows it no place is every safe for her again and she well deserves it with all those thousands of dead elephants she had killed.

        Thank you for getting this barbaric greedy old ugly woman.

    2. Katherine Schoonover

      What a despicable person! I hope she gets the maximum prison term, has to forfeit her assets, and outs her co-criminals. Bravo Tanzania and the NTSCIU!!

      1. Lynn Thomas

        Would love to see her assets seized and used in the struggle to round up the remainder despicable poachers of this world. I too hope she gets the maximum prison sentence.

    3. VA

      Still too easy for her to feed to lions. She needs to be in Tanzania prison for life to pay for her crime. How can a few greedy individuals cause so much suffering for elephants.

    4. Edward Y.

      Extreme nationalism, ethnocentric thinking on a European and American scale, and ridiculous superstition regarding the mystical powers of horn and tusk seem to be the lead characteristics of Chinese involvement in east Africa, that and stealing oil and other resources. China’s approach to Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America is just as backward and rapacious as English and American imperialists of the last several centuries. Exploiting the people and environment, bringing countless living species, from large mammals to yet unidentified thousands of insects and plants, in places like the Amazon, to near and actual extinction with the shortsightedness inherent in capitalism and for short-term gain. May the Tanzanian government throw great political and judicial force behind arresting her entire network and put her behind bars for many decades.

    5. David Ghosh

      Hi Bonnie,
      Yes, you are perfectly OK in your comments, Queen of Ivory in Tanzania, devil woman Yang Feng Glan must be thrown into the mouth of Cecil’s brother. She and her team members must be feed to the wild animal, they are demon in human society.

      Also dentist Dr. Palmer,(River Bluff Dental) who was killed Cecil, must be punished in prison for 100 years and his wealth should go to wildlife park to feed wild animals.

    6. Clarise Lyon

      What a horrible woman. I am so glad that justice will be served–how much money is enough for her??? Throw away the key…

    7. Grace Bell

      Great idea. But we know that won’t happen, so a good thiirty years without parole would be good, but with all her money and pull we know her lawyers will be fighting for a plea bargain, and she’ll give info on her co-conspirators and she’s get little jail time. Sad really. A penalty for the well connected is different from the ordinary person. Oh well.

  1. Mer Gray

    Bravo to the hard working people that trailed this woman for many years. They are to be commended for their bravery. I hope the courts punish her to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you!

    1. Hannah

      NO BAIL for her. The Chinese government and her wealthy associates would do anything to set her free and she would disappear. Let her rot in jail.

  2. Nina

    Very glad…this is a great move forward! It astounds me that people (like her…and everyone else involved in the bloody ivory trade) can be do monumentally greedy and soulless-ly, catastrophically damaging to a species of beautiful animals. I’m glad she was apprehended!

    1. MistyChincoteague

      Greedy and soulless….you have that exactly right. Robbing future generations of this amazing creature and so many animals of their lives for money… MONEY…. tragic, pitiful and soulless.

    2. Ronnie Larry

      Well said! It is sad that these governments cannot get away from the curroption and greed that almost ALWAYS seems to exist in government today!

  3. N. Smith

    The World weeps for the blood that is on your hands. May the powers that be in this world and the next judge you righteously and harshly as your conduct demands.

  4. Betty SIlberman

    Thank god this evil woman was apprehended, and will hopefully rot in jail for a long time.
    These kinds of criminals need to be prosecuted more and more, to send out the message that civilized people and nations cannot tolerate this kind of merciless slaughter of innocent, and magnificent creatures. Enough is enough!

  5. Barbara Murdick

    Prosecute her to the full extent of the law plus some. Have her shovel Elephant and Rhino shit with a teaspoon for the rest of her miserable life.

    1. Sean

      Fullest extent of the law! Unfortunately as stated, there a little more to it than that. She’s a wealthy woman with connections.

  6. Terrie

    It is high time someone pay the price for the loss of so many beautiful elephants, to the greed of an overpopulated nations wants. So said it is a loss beyond words they are highly social, intelligent, family units torn apart, babies orphaned for their tusks. Leave them alone they have suffered enough.

  7. Lisa Smith-Elyea

    I’m concerned that with all the rampant corruption in Tanzania this woman will likely be out of jail soon – and then she’ll simply disappear again. The Judges and the Courts there are easily bribed.

    1. Elea Nor

      You make a very valid point Lisa. I too greatly fear that, pocketing a hefty bribe, those in authority there could easily be persuaded to release her, she would then simply disappear and most likely be substituted by someone else, and so it continues. These greedy, heartless butchers need to be brought to justice.
      Could Elephant Action League, or any other conservation organisation appoint one of their personnel to monitor and publish the progress so we can all continue to support the necessary action ?

      1. Janie

        In cases like these, authorities should immediately take the monetary profits from these criminals and directly transfer it to the organizations who try to protect the elephants.

        1. Lillian Curtis

          I agree! All her wealth and investments (blood money) should be conviscated and transfered to an organisation which has integrity and is 100% authentic in fighting the poaching of elephants and rhino in Africa.

        2. Lillian Curtis

          All her wealth and investments (blood money) should be conviscated and transfered to an organisation which has integrity and is 100% authentic in fighting the poaching of elephants and rhino in Africa.

    2. sadock Johnson

      It is a good news to begin with but my concern is that this can be a freak as the country heading into election whereby the ruling party CCM is facing the first ever challenge. The current situation is not even better and seldom is reported accurately. I would say that it is still overwhelming and catastrophic so to speak.Naming a chines Ivory queen as a single person to me is the ruling party looking for voters sympathy so that they come back to power. EIA had its investigation and even gave their recommendation but nothing happened. According to EIA on cases file related to elephant ivory, there were little progress on prosecution and most of the criminals were released. I doubt and would like to see more sanctions imposed to the government till they react accordingly. A drug trafficker caught in china has no option rather than……xxx but a chines ivory trafficker has a bail…..

  8. Great work. Will be good if the entire poaching – ivory trade network is obliterated. Recently, a similar racket was busted in Kerala (India). One Agarwal from Delhi was arrested. You could probe this link as well.

  9. Sharon Martinez

    Evil woman. Filthy woman. I hope that she suffers greatly in jail. 85,000 elephants between the years 2009 and 2014 and she had very much to do with it. May she suffer in every life from this day forward.

  10. Cecilia Riquelme

    Great news! Sets an example to be followed. I hope the government of China will not interfere or ask for extradition in order to set her free back in her country.

  11. Jill Buschlen

    There will be a lot of nervous poachers. I hope they do whatever they have to do to obtain information and contacts from her.

  12. Maureen Jones

    This is wonderful news.. Very well done to all concerned in bringing this despicable person to justice.. I hope the authorities show her and her associates no mercy. She must be made an example of and given the maximum sentence.

  13. Julian Dörmann

    That was good news but we want to know more. So far no Tanzanians are mentioned but this amount of poaching is without doubt not possible without high ranking Tanzanians involved. Who are they? Will we see them in court/prison?

  14. tinky pringle

    Very Well done to all concerned this is fantastic news!! Now lets get the other kingpins involved in this disgusting killing of our elephant and rhino. I hope this evil woman rots in jail .

  15. Soula Christos

    Members of her social circle should be interrogated too as they most likely know of her involvement. Her imprisonment should be an example and warning to others and other countries, like Zimbabwe should not be entertaining the likes of her. Zimbabwe is legally sending elephants to China through a Chinese businesswoman to settle his wife’s debts

  16. Hoera hoera hoera.!!!! After have been walking the Global March Saturday in Amsterdam you cannot make me happier!!!!!!! Force her to tell who the other criminals are. Send her for jail for ever. Give an example to the worlds thousands who marched from Honolulu till Australia from Finland to Narobi.

  17. Vic

    So glad this has happened and hope they close the net on those who assisted. May the courts rule severally and not be influenced by high profiles in passing judgement.

  18. I am very delihghted pesonally to hear that at last a Tanzanian Team of Anti_Poaching has made a large haul if I can say so by arresting this Chinese Lady.All these years we were practically being looted of our National Heritage.Plz see that there should no compromise on this Very Noble Deed by our Save The Tusk Force.This should be dealt with very seriously.I have been visiting the Parks slnce a very young age,it is a pity to see the the Tuskers being scarce now.I own a Tour Company in Mwanza (Exotic Expeditions Tz Ltd.) Our Clients always put this question about Elephants being mercilessly butucherd.Well,now we wil have some relief I hope it lasts for ever (Relief)’

  19. Bill

    I just came back from Africa the people there say every time they catch a high profile person they buy their way out of jail.
    Let’s see what happens

  20. Frederic Gerniers

    All her assets should be sold and given to wildlife protection. In order to pay her caution out of tanzanian prisons. If not then let her rot in central police undergrounds!

  21. Julian Conrad

    As an alternative to incarceration I wonder if she could become an example and leader of ecological restorative justice? Sure this is no easy task but it’s massively powerful when it comes together.

  22. Glynis Van Renen

    1st A huge thank you to the task force God Bless you for the years of dangerous work you have put into tracking and the arrest of this heinous Bitch.
    2nd This discussing excuse for a human, has brought shame on the entire Asian nation, she is no more that a sadistic bitch making money out of poaching Gods Given creatures. I hope she get the maximum sentence of 30 years, and everything she owned is confiscated and all the proceeds forfeited to future protection of The Elephants, all her associate’s should also face the same punishment.

  23. Colleen fay

    This is the best news.
    But for how long?!
    This country is so corrupt I just fear she will get out within less than a year!

  24. Carolyn Pitcher

    Minimum life sentence. A fine is not acceptable. She is just as guilty as murdering these wild animals as the poachers are!

  25. Sulema Abdulky

    This is wonderful news. I hope she will be prosecuted to the FULLEST extent. Despicable woman. She is the Queen of Slaughter, not ivory.

  26. Andrea Biedron

    This is great news. I only PRAY that the punishment is severe and unbearable enough to deter others dealing illegally with ivory. Murdering a living being for their internal organs, tusks or any body part is the same as taking any humans’ life unjustly and the penalty should be the same. Burn you demonic witch, burn!

  27. Stanley Telega

    This major reason for the extinction of elephants is a psychopathic pig. Sorry pigs. Her greed has no bounds. She would kill them all if she could. Keep her name front and center. MRS YANG FENG GLAN is her name. Remember that name; MRS YANG FENG GLAN , who has,, with her fellow chinese criminals been responsible for killing 85,000 elephants in only 5 years in Tanzania.
    MRS YANG FENG GLAN must not escape and be held incommunicado until she gets the maximum sentence.

  28. Lauren

    It’s about time. They shouldn’t give her bail if they want to see her really brought to justice. She’s a flight risk. You’ll never see her again. Women that smart don’t make the same mistake twice

  29. Paul

    I Hope This EVIL THING to die very soon!.The sooner,the better!If in jail please no less than the max!To me it means 1000 years min.

  30. Shubert Mwarabu

    Good news. I call upon National and International Organizations and media to put pressure on the issue so that it is seriously acted upon, If not this then we will not hear any thing again due to our Corrupt Government.

  31. Elizabeth lipsz

    May this woman never see the light of day again.! Proaecute to the full extent of the law and if she doesnt get life then change the law.

  32. I really glad that the wildlife organisations caught up to Mrs Yang Feng Glan. Its been high time these Ivory smugglers get caught.I Really hope that the government officials involved with these crime, Also get caught and get the maximum penalty or jail sentence by law. They don’t care about wild life and it really makes me sick. There are thousands of people out there that will support me on this. Hundreds of societies that’s breaking their backs to get money to save these elephants and rhinos and scum like this Mrs Yang Feng Glan just don’t give a damn. Hope she rots in jail.

  33. congrats taskforce for the effort you made to arrest that lady. keep it up and continue with your effort to arrest the rest becsuse she could not work alone to accomplish the task. i think behind her there is many others we want to see them all arested. thank you.

  34. Daniel

    I take this chance to congratulate the Task force, I think that old woman what she did its not acceptable even to her country so let my country hang that women.

  35. Aly

    Sad to see the majestic elephants been killed for the sake of this villainous woman. But even more sad is the fact that she has been caught in Tanzania. What a joke that country is and its corrupt officials will free her in no time. I am willing to bet that this lady is not even under the authorities she is probably somewhere safe and enjoying the spoils of her riches.

  36. Laura klimst

    Thank God for her arrest and I pray there will be more. I hope they imprison her for life so she can not cause more killing of elephants. This must end or the elephant will become extinct at the hands of traffickers like Yang Feng Glan.

  37. Louis Peluso M.Ed.

    This woman must spend the entire 30 year sentence, with no early release. She must be held until she confesses the names of EVERYONE connected to this ivory trade. She must give the names of ALL government officials involved, and they must be incarcerated for 20-30 years. This is the only way to stop this cruel trade in ivory. Arrest everyone connected no matter who they are and what position they hold in governmentm

    1. Carolynne Stevens

      Well done! As others have noted, however, crime on this scale is always in collusion with others, notably including corrupt government officials. Justice cannot be effected unless all involved are identified and punished. Only through rapid, sustained, diligent, and aggressive enforcement can we deter others who already, or may, wantonly seek profit instead of basic humanity based on kinship with all life-forms. Time is running out for endangered species.

  38. Thanks God because i hate this kind of wildlife killers not only to sentenced to jail they supposed to be fired by gun. Lets fight together for proteng this illigal businesses.

  39. gloria perez palacios

    tenia que estar prohibido de los marfiles de los elefantes y que pongan las leyes mas duras aquel que maltratan a los elefantes y de mas animales y severas

  40. Most of the dealers on this business where supported by high ranking officials from the govrnment. In order to stop this or to reduce at the high level we have to introduce Chinese syisterm .

  41. Fortunatus Faustin

    Normally in most African Countries high profile persons and govt officials are the umbrella of big crime doers simply because they have a cut from the proceeds of crime. This is good news for our country probably this will make other ivory smugglers to fear. But then law enforcement agents must be competent enough to collect enough evidence to prove offenses beyond reasonable doubt to render offenders to jail sentence.

  42. Linda

    THIS is what is going to stop the trade, capturing the kingpins at the TOP – often corrupt officials. Now let’s see if the courts do their work or if there are deals to be made and lenient sentencing – #WorldISWatching

  43. Virginia Jacques

    Well done to everyone who helped to break her vicious poaching organisation thank you for helping to save the elephants 🙂

  44. Gordon Waldner

    Congratulation s to Tanzania. Keep up the good work. It would be an awful day when Africa’s most iconic animal is extinct. Keep after these criminals.

  45. Charlene Crouse

    Very happy she is where she should be, and hopefully for a very long time!! The pain and suffering she has caused to thousands of elephants probably cannot be counted but the days months and years of her sentence can be!!!

  46. Elena Plesa

    Thank you to all those in the Task force of Tanzania for doing such an amazing job. The ivory MONSTER is behind bars and hopefully because of her more will follow her fate.
    Hope her money and influence will not ease her sentencing. She deserves the death penalty.

  47. Sherry DeVine

    What an ugly woman. And the countless beautiful lives elephants that were lost due to her greedy, diabolical work. I hope she never makes it out of prison. And if Tanzania has any self-respect it would be wise not to let her get away. She is a monster.

  48. Elisa Leflore

    This is such great news!!! However, it is unfortunate there are people like her in the world. I hope her punishment is severe.

  49. JR

    Lock her sorry ass up for the rest of her life! She is responsible for the deaths of so many elephants. Hope she rots in hell. POS!!!

  50. Lundy Shrable

    This is wonderful news, but hopefully only the beginning. So many more to be caught and arrested. Thank you so much for all of your hard and dedicated work to preserve the lives of these beautiful animals.

  51. collette milligan

    Make her an example, What this one done was unforgiving. She’s an extremely evil person, beyond the greed and the murder. She put a lot of us human beings in a lot of pain because we were helpless in protecting God’s creatures she needs to be in a research laboratory .

  52. Julia N Allen, PhD, DVM

    I wish nothing but pain and suffering for this woman. May she spend the rest of her days locked in a tiny cell in a Tanzanian prison, and may she soon be joined by all those corrupt individuals and government officials involved in poaching.

  53. Paul Verzosa

    For all the elephants and rhinos that have been poached and her direct involvement with ivory trafficking, she should be sentenced to death. Deterrence can be a valuable aid to help stop or reduce poaching.

  54. Donna Williams

    She needs the maximum sentence and more. She has dessimated the elephant population and probably the rhino population. She’s responsible insurmountable suffering. She and her cronies need to spend their lives in prison if Tanzania doesn’t have the death penalty.

    Thank God for whoever tracked her down!

  55. alissa

    Best news! Put her in the worst prison. Let her rot slowly and painfully. Let her die a slow painful death. She had everything. She was not poor and hungry. She is an evil gready demon. Let her die in prison with nothing.

  56. Valerie. Waite

    Well done, now go after the others, take there assets all gained from the destruction of the elephant,fine them and send them to jail forever and with the knowledge that they are responsible for ruining their families and sending them to poverty. Send a message that it is not worth it

  57. Marcus

    Finally Justice is put in place. What kind of inhumanity is this, the elephant populations has dropped like the falling leaves in autumn, let’s just wait and see what this lady has to reveal further to the press on her top official connects

  58. Linda

    Thank goodness she was in Tanzania… if she was in Zimbabwe she probably could have paid someone in government a lot of money and then had them ship the Ivory to her. Wonderful that they’ve got her, now KEEP HER.


    this is an awesome news and also a sad news knowing that she is been trafficking ivory for so many years, so many lives. 🙁

  60. Cristina Adame

    It is a MUST to submit this criminal to the harshest punishment. It has to be done. The Chinese Government should ban these kind of horrific trading that destroys our animals and environment. Many many people will be following this. Sincerely, Cristina Adame

  61. We the voices for Elephants and advocates wish to make a request to remove the title you have given to this cruel woman. She is not the Queen of Ivory.
    She is a killer and she doesn’t deserve to be called Queen of Ivory.

    Remove this title please immediately!

  62. Antony Pando

    I sure hope that if she is found guilty that she will rot in jail for 30 years…..if guilty, she is truly a yerrible human and cancer of the earth.

  63. Gail Naude

    Life imprisonment in maximum security jail required if not death penalty for all the murder she is responsible for … animals and poachers. Also all assets frozen and given back to wild life anti – poaching units! Family members also to be investigated and stripped of any assets from this dispicable woman!

  64. Fran Robinson

    Thanks Di….. 85000 elephants in less than ten years……. lock her up anda throw away the key. She should never be let out.

  65. Terri Tripp

    Glad she’s caught and spending rest of her life in jail. Should boycott and shut down all her businesses and completely wipe her out that she has no money at all. Hope she rots in jail.

  66. Allen

    Its a big step which Tanzania has taken, the task force has done a wonderful job. Its only sad that this took long to make such a move and we have lost more than 85k elephants.

  67. larryyocum

    Do These People Have No Morals? She is already immensely Wealth by almost any Standard, Jail is to Good for Her….She is as Morally Bankrupt as they Come…..

  68. So glad to read this. keep her locked up and get all those other corrupt individuals. Personally, I think you should confiscate all he property and use the proceeds from the sale to safe guard the elephants and rhinos plus as many wild life as possible.

  69. Sarah

    Fantastic work – well done to the investigators, campaigners and Tanzanian authorities for bravely taking action against a powerful and well-established unit.

  70. victoria hayward

    An example should be made of this person. We need to show the world we will not tolerate this behaviour. No leniency spared. 85 000 elephants in only 5 years. Please do not let her out for leads ….she should be publically punished.
    Greed will not be tolerated
    Destroying our beautiful earth and it’s creatures to near extinction cannot continue

  71. Mo

    Put her away and throw the key where it can never be found. Charge her to recover all the money she has made from the illicite trade and use that to go after friends and associates including my fellow Tanzanians including the governs officials.

  72. Diana Simpson

    This news has not only made my day but possibly my whole Year!! Congratulations to all groups involved in her capture and hopefully a freeze on her monies eventually being handed over to all groups involved in stopping the poachers kill these beautiful animals just for mythical medical medical remedies and basically VANITY!!



  74. Koi

    She’ll buy her way out of jail and get expatriated, courtesy of the Chinese Embassy in Dar es Salam. This is how things work.

  75. suellen hazell

    Thank you and congratulations to all who were involved in this investigation. How brave and determined you must be to stand up and fight, and win, against the politically powerful and corrupt. You are true heros! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  76. vic

    As a Tanzanian , I can assure you this is a front from the sitting government that is facing a major opposition in the coming October 25th presidential election … international criminal courts should take over before they let her out through the back door , since she might name higher officials as conspirators. …

  77. Vince

    All her assets should be seized, her finances frozen. The money she’s piled up needs to be diverted towards purchasing protected forests with the sole purpose of conservation of the very species she has exploited.

    Under the circumstance, she needs to be dealt with extreme force.

  78. John makubuya

    That is a Wastage of time that thing mast be finished whatever you do cause their are very many kind of animal in the olden days which you can’t see today. So please stop your jealous kind of mana no one can do that business if you got a chance. Mind you there is no exhibit on her head just rumours the court of law will decide.

  79. wachira

    A cold murderer, senseless brute who is insensitive to all others except her insatiable greed.
    Thumbs up to all involved in tracking n finally arresting her.
    I hope the government of Kikwete will not give in to any Chinese pressure to extradite her.
    Let her be jailed on da same soils she help
    ed murder the thousands of elephants she build her empire with.
    May God avenge da innocent dead animals.

  80. Muriuki

    Something is amiss here upon her reference as the “QUEEN OF IVORY”……that’s outright glorifying her heinous acts. Lets refer to her as the elephanticider…..and then put soo many nooses around her everything and send her to hell along with her accomplices

  81. Ingrid Denissen

    The queen of ivory? The queen of horror, I would say!
    Anyway, this is wonderful news. Bravo to the people who made this possible!!!!

  82. Sospeter

    likely she was not alone on this deal, there should be many people included in this scandal. let Government make very clear investigation so to arrest any one who were involved on it. thanks for all who arrested her.
    we should be in a country where there is no longer poaching.

  83. Lisa

    I think she should be locked up forever. She should have to work in an elephant sanctuary and clean up after them for all of her days here on earth. This is a horrible, loathsome person. But don’t forget, she would not do this if there were not buyers on the other end. All of these wealthy buyers need to be put in jail too. Unfortunately, the really wealthy ones will never see a trial or jail time. Once we start locking up the 1% for all their assorted crimes against humanity and the earth, all these destructive actions will stop.

  84. Ty Collins

    Only fitting sentence is every breath she takes from now until she goes to hell, will be with her body up to her neck in S—.

  85. la odo

    This is great!! I hope she starts giving names in exchange for leniency. I hope that the authorities are able to stop others from filling the gap of her absence.

  86. rox

    What a selfish, greedy, cruel Be — Ach !!!!! Just because they got her does not mean her second in command or some other person will not take her place. Hopefully all ivory traffickers will be arrested or this will never go away. This is just a small victory to me. Reminds me of drug lords or alcaida: there will always be someone in the wings.


    Surely the theft is one way of deteriorating African resources, where will we get our daily bread in future…this woman should be even forced to return to the government her fake wealth! Tourism is down…

  88. Diane Darvey

    I hope she is in prison with no parole ever AND forced to give all her money to support anti poaching efforts. Let her rot in prison a pauper v
    She is evil.

  89. Elsy

    Justice! I hope she doesn’t buy her way out of a stiff sentence, by the way she should have her nose chopped off, and see how she likes it.

  90. Kim

    This is good news. I wish punishment could fit the crime. hopefully when found guilty, I think that her teeth should be extracted all at once and then left that way while she goes to prison. No pain killers, no antibiotics.

  91. Kim Rosekrans

    Hopefully she will be found guilty. When so, the punishment should in part fit the crime. Her teeth should be extracted all at once and she should be sent to prison that way without pain killers or antibiotics.

  92. Lin

    Punish her to the full extent of the law and CONFISCATE all her ASSETS and IMPOSE a RESTITUTION payment plan ; poachers will not be deterred unless it hits them in the wallet!
    The reason they poach is for MONEY, you’ve got to take the MONEY away for any long lasting impact.

  93. Christine Mandrake

    She has the blood of so many beautiful beings on her hands. To murder animals for their ivory is so deplorable and cruel that one must be heartless in a way I simply cannot fathom. She deserves to pay the maximum penalty for her actions and part in this horror.

  94. John Graver

    Well done to all those involved in tracking and capturing her – now the Tanzanian authorities need to find the names of her Chinese contacts and demand that the Chinese government hand them over. The Chinese make a fortune from their involvement in East Africa, time for a little pay back. Lock the lot of them up in basic conditions for the rest of their lives.

  95. Ray Wagner

    Good that this one is arrested, however, demand for carved ivory must be eliminated from the minds of those with newly acquired wealth. What kind of person still thinks a piece of carved ivory belongs on their bookshelf or on the handle of a knife or dagger?

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  97. Michael Kenmuir

    85,000 elephants slaughtered by poachers to supply the demand of creatures like her. Let us push for a new law, “Crimes against the planet” – for monsters like this. Let’s hope the Tanzania court imposes the sentence she deserves and she is sent down for a long, long time.

  98. Michelle Lowell

    I don’t care how much money she has or what title/position she holds – she deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  99. jeffkir

    Lets rejoice as this is a necessary step towards a lasting solution. Lets work together and make sure justice is delivered. We need a tracker – that informs all of us progress so as to ensure she will not jump justice! Let this team know no rest until all connected to her are properly and permanently netted.

  100. This really should be front page news on every national newspaper in the world. It’s horrible to think of such well-organised trade which leads to the slaughter of such beautiful animals. But wonderful news that this lady has been caught. Please keep up your efforts to track down more of these evil and greedy traffickers.

  101. O. B. St. Francis Farm Sanctuary & Rescue

    It is a positive triumph that a significant individual in the ivory poaching, trafficking ring has been apprehended. We are all deeply concerned that due to the potential for bribery and corruption that this is brought to legal accountable fruition . It is the deepest hope that Mrs. Yang Feng Lan will be not only prosecuted but that she will remain imprisoned without any loopholes. It would be an additional coup if all of her assets could be confiscated and liquidated to be used for the protection of the remaining elephants. Let us all hope that for once we can count on the government to stand their ground and keep this shameless despicable woman imprisoned with all appropriate charges. Bless the efforts and those who fight this war for the elephants and all poaching.

  102. Lonnie Sinclair

    The fact that elections are being held there in 2 weeks, the woman was arrested alone and the story is made to sound like a great victory is suspicious in my mind. If the woman had been arrested along with her male counterparts and the actual poachers it would be more believable. As it is now – it looks to be a case of scapegoating and inciting hatred against the woman, who was certainly not acting alone – Queen indeed, pfft! Can’t believe everything we read now, can we?

  103. Cecilia

    I think imprisonment is not enough, she should get death penalty!! I hope they can get a lot of information from this woman, who she is dealing with etc., so the Tanzania government can have a thorough crack down of this illegal ivory trade!

  104. Mariëtte Vlaar

    Hopelijk worden alle andere betrokkenen ook snel gearresteerd en opgesloten.
    LEVENSLANG!!! Geen ruimte? Plaats ze in een stevige kooi in de wildernis: is educatief: hoe leer je Respect en Waardering voor de natuur te ontwikkelen!!!
    En…… al hun (vervuilde) vermogen naar de Bescherming van Dieren, wereldwijd >
    Als ‘legacy’ voor al het onrecht wat dieren wordt aangedaan door hun ergste vijand: de mens!!!!!!!!

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  108. Hilary

    Sell all her assets, give pensions to the famlies of rangers who give thier lives, make life better for the remaining rangers then feed her to Cecil’s family, cause no elephant would want to touch her……

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  111. Marie

    Her Karmic debt has come due.
    Poetic irony would play out if she were tramped by elephants. Thereafter, all of her estate would be donated to the preservation of the species she is trying to destroy.

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